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18 Congressmen Ask Obama to Reschedule Marijuana

Bipartisan group says pot's 'Schedule I' classification 'makes no sense.'   Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore., right, and 17 House colleagues are asking President Barack Obama to...

The Doctor’s orders….

U.S. Medical Marijuana Researcher Dr. Igor Grant: Reschedule Drug opposingviews.com SAN DIEGO -- Dr. Igor Grant, director of the Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research (CMCR), and...

Schedule this

Marijuana reclassification bill passes committee vote in the Senate oregonlive.com OLYMPIA – A bill demanding the federal government loosen up marijuana restrictions Justin RunquistVancouver Democrat Craig Pridemore,...

Guerilla Governors

Colorado will ask DEA to reschedule marijuana, in recognition of medical value By Scot Kersgaard coloradoindependant.com Governor Lincoln Chaffee of Rhode Island and Governor Christine Gregoire...

Science-free zone

Medical marijuana: A science-free zone at the White House July 14, 2011 opinion.latimes.com Stephen Gutwillig and Bill Piper respond to The Times' July 9 article...

They will eat these words…..

Strike Three for Rescheduling Marijuana I guess we all can just sit around and hope for the best.........-UA reason.com Jacob Sullum | July 10 On Friday the...
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