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The time is now.

The End of Laughing at Marijuana Reformers Election 2012, the Marijuana Majority project, and the rapidly changing politics of drug prohibition. theatlantic.com Voters in Colorado, Oregon and...

Washington decrim

Marijuana initiatives to be filed in 6 state cities seattletimes.com Initiatives to make prosecution for marijuana offenses the lowest law-enforcement priority are being promoted for Bellingham,...

Leicester cops catching the short sack…….

State's marijuana law not paying off POLICE: COLLECTING FINES NOT SO EASY 6/27 telegram.com Maybe the cops will finally get our message: WE ARE DONE WITH PROHIBITION....

Montel helping patients!

TV's Montel Williams comes to Sacramento to open marijuana dispensary PUBLISHED TUESDAY, JUN. 14, 2011 sacbee.com Montel Williams has been the face of many things –...

I didn’t realize it was bad?

Woman regrets role in Calif.-to-Ohio pot scheme Own your actions.-UA By ANDREW WELSH-HUGGINS, AP Legal Affairs Writer 6/6/11 COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A woman convicted in a...
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