Monday, September 27, 2021
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were over half way there!

John Kasich just legalized medical marijuana in Ohio. Now what? Jessie Balmart, COLUMBUS - Gov. John Kasich signed a plan to legalize medical marijuana into...

Department of (In)justice

California Medical Marijuana Crackdown Ramps Up As More Dispensaries Targeted For Closure SAN FRANCISCO -- Several dozen protesters gathered in downtown Berkeley Wednesday afternoon to...

That hope sounded nice.

Obama Says No To Legalizing Marijuana   In a speech in Mexico City on Friday, President Obama shut the door on any possibility that he'll support...

Massachusetts MMJ regulations; Less than ReaLisTic…

Proposed MA DPH regulations regarding medical-marijuana patients and caregivers Posted by MikeCann via To:          Massachusetts Department of Public Health From:     Andy Gaus Re:...

Obama // Romney // Legalization?

Ads running to legalize marijuana in three states By Carl Marcucci In November, voters in Colorado, Washington and Oregon will consider legalizing marijuana for recreational use....

Lesser of evils…..

Medical pot advocates cool to Obama Dan Freedman Washington -- Four years after enthusiastically supporting Barack Obama, marijuana entrepreneurs and advocates are closing their checkbooks to...

Wake up Obam!

Obama Should "Evolve" on Marijuana Here's a radical thought, as we change full-steam into convention season: Could the "marijuana vote" propel Barack Obama to victory...

What about the other guy?

Colorado vote on marijuana could impact Obama-Romney race foxnews Classic fox....what about Paul? -UA Voters in this presidential battleground state won't just decide whether to go red...

We be Choomin

 New Book Exposes Obama’s Choom (Marijuana) Gang *President Obama’s use of marijuana may be old news to some, but a new book aims to highlight...
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It's a party

$1000 decrim?

Uhhhh…its curing?

Orange County Corruption