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Daxotone T19 Review (Blueberry x Starfighter)

Purchased at a reasonable price in a 3.5 gram container. Once I got the product home I was faced with a pungent aroma upon...

MMJ For Broken Bones

How Cannabis Can Help Heal Broken Bones Green Rush Daily - By. Casey Riley - 9/9/2016 A study released just last year reveals that cannabis improves the...

An explanation of why MMJ patients can’t buy a gun

Why medical marijuana patients can’t buy guns The Washington Post - Christopher Ingraham - 09/07/2016 An appeals court ruled last week that a federal law prohibiting medical marijuana...

This epidemic needs cannabis to help

Opiate Addiction Experts Turn to Marijuana as Safer Alternative to Pain Relief LA Weekly - By. Katie Bain - 8/26/2016 The U.S. is in the grips...

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Splitt family

Jack Splitt, the teenager who changed Colorado medical pot law, dies The Denver Post - By. Monte Whaley & Ricardo Baca - 08/25/2016 Our thoughts, prayers,...

Oregon’s Whopping Cannabis Tax Revenue

Oregon’s Legal Marijuana Raised More Than $25 Million In Tax Revenue This Year CNN - By. Kate Samuelson - 08/23/2016 According to Oregon’s Department of Revenue,...

MMJ Doctors Need To Be More Informed

Doctors face medical marijuana knowledge gap CNN - Shefali Luthra - 08/23/2016 Medical marijuana has been legal in Maine for almost 20 years. But Farmington physician...

Canada Allows MMJ Patients Plants Indoors

Canadian Patients Will Soon Be Allowed To Grow Their Own Cannabis Green Rush Daily - By. Chuck Ludley - 08/15/2016 Long Story Short Canadian medical cannabis patients...

7 Cannabis Questions Scientists Want To Find Answers To

7 Scientific Effects of Marijuana That Experts Want to Study Time - By. Alexandra Sifferlin - 08/11/2016 The drug will be (slightly) easier to study On Thursday...

MMJ Great For Treating High Blood Pressure

Cannabis Treatment Can Help With High Blood Pressure Green Rush Daily - By. Casey Riley - 08/10/16 There is evidence that cannabis use can help those...
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