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MMJ For Broken Bones

How Cannabis Can Help Heal Broken Bones Green Rush Daily - By. Casey Riley - 9/9/2016 A study released just last year reveals that cannabis improves the...

The Veterans Have Spoken!

The American Legion wants the federal government to change course on marijuana The Washington Post - Christopher Ingraham -9/8/2016 The American Legion, a group representing 2.4 million...

7 Cannabis Questions Scientists Want To Find Answers To

7 Scientific Effects of Marijuana That Experts Want to Study Time - By. Alexandra Sifferlin - 08/11/2016 The drug will be (slightly) easier to study On Thursday...

Study: Cannabis Provides Substantial Relief to Those With Back Problems

  Recent research out of the University of Colorado, which was presented recently at the North American Spine Society’s annual meeting, has found that nearly 90% of those with...

Come on Uncle Sam, numbers don’t lie.

- Come on Sam you know you want to! According a recent CBS News poll conducted at the end of October, a slim majority of...
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