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An explanation of why MMJ patients can’t buy a gun

Why medical marijuana patients can’t buy guns The Washington Post - Christopher Ingraham - 09/07/2016 An appeals court ruled last week that a federal law prohibiting medical marijuana...

use your nose for anything else…..

Should the Odor of Cannabis Constitute Probable Cause in Florida? by The Law Office of John Guidry II Oh the times, they are a changin’ Every time...

The Injustice of Marijuana Arrests

America’s four-decade war on drugs is responsible for many casualties, but the criminalization of marijuana has been perhaps the most destructive part of that...

Repeal Prohibition, Again

By THE EDITORIAL BOARDIt took 13 years for the United States to come to its senses and end Prohibition, 13 years in which people...

Marijuana Prohibition Now Costs The Government $20 Billion A Year: Economist

by Matt Sledge NEW YORK -- Marijuana prohibition now costs state and federal government as much as $20 billion a year, an economist told The...

If prohibition ends, what will be done for the 40,000 Americans...

When it comes to the legality of marijuana, the long struggle by advocates of drug reform is at last paying off. Colorado and Washington...

Alcohol Is Really Pissed Off at Marijuana Right Now

The marijuana industry is convincing Americans its substance is safer than alcohol, and booze lobbyists don't like it. Ben Terris Marijuana has been giving alcohol a...

The Decriminalization of Marijuana

  The Decriminalization of Marijuana 18 states have legalized weed for some purposes. 13 states are sponsering bills that ask for the respect of state...

You Don’t Have to Think Marijuana is Safe to Support Legalization

by Tom Angell Project SAM’s Kevin Sabet and other prohibition advocates have seized on a new Wall Street Journal op-ed rehashing claims that marijuana use may be...
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