Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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use your nose for anything else…..

Should the Odor of Cannabis Constitute Probable Cause in Florida? by The Law Office of John Guidry II Oh the times, they are a changin’ Every time...

U.S. Burns Millions Of Cannabis Plants, Marijuana Availability Rises

The U.S. government has burned almost enough marijuana plants to get the atmosphere high. Americans have responded by increasing domestic production. Infographic by Jan Diehm for...

Massachusetts MMJ regulations; Less than ReaLisTic…

Proposed MA DPH regulations regarding medical-marijuana patients and caregivers Posted by MikeCann via MikeCann.net To:          Massachusetts Department of Public Health From:     Andy Gaus Re:...

Obama // Romney // Legalization?

Ads running to legalize marijuana in three states RBR.com By Carl Marcucci In November, voters in Colorado, Washington and Oregon will consider legalizing marijuana for recreational use....

Pothole of the month

NY Stoner Tries to Pay Denny's Tab with Bag of Marijuana By Andrew Chow, JD at FindLaw.com Thu May 31, 2012 12:21am EDT A man likely suffering...

February CHAMPS Issue Available Now!

Click On Magazine below to View Issue 14   In This Issue: Strains: StarDog & Lambs Bread Articles: Secret Life of Water, Little Black Book of Marijuana, CHAMPS preview...

Happy Holidays! December Issue Available Now!

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When NBA money isn’t enough…..part 2

Former top 10 pick Rodney White arrested for growing marijuana Maybe he had aspirations to one day own his own non-profit marijuana dispensaries (in Rhode Island...

Oh I thought they already did that pretty regularly…

Justice Department Could Crack Down on Medical Marijuana Dispensaries by Amelia T. / July 3/ care2.com A new memo from the Department of Justice could threaten production...
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