Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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History repeats itself?

Recently Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York state made claim that they will be legalizing recreational Cannabis in 2019. This is pretty HUGE... it's...

Bruce Banner… Hulk no more.

This is the weapon used to turn The Hulk back into Bruce Banner. This 200mg RemPen hybrid vape cartridge containing CO2 extracted oil from...

Massachusetts To Kick Off Legal Sales on Tuesday

On Tuesday November 20, 2018 the state of Massachusetts will be selling legal Cannabis for adult use. No medical card needed, one just needs...

The Rally to Legalize

On May 6 2018 many rallied at the Capital in Hartford CT to support HB 5394. This bill would make Cannabis legal in the...


I want to swing off that clock tower and scream “SANCTUARY!” like I’m Quasimodo at a rooftop church gathering. Not really, that’s a sad story...

California Hustles to get Rec in place.

Eight months ago, California voters approved Proposition 64, making the recreational use of marijuana by those 21 and older legal. In barely more than...

Daxotone T19 Review (Blueberry x Starfighter)

Purchased at a reasonable price in a 3.5 gram container. Once I got the product home I was faced with a pungent aroma upon...

Cannabis Is Saving Towns Across America

5 towns have reported that they have literally come back from nothing... Thanks to Cannabis. Adelanto California, Pueblo County, Sedgwick (reported at one time in...

Police in Italy Call for Cannabis Legalization

Italian Law Enforcement Join Push for Cannabis Legalization Leafly - Enrico Fletzer - 09/7/2016 Italian law enforcement groups are throwing their weight behind a parliamentary bill...

The popular opinion on cannabis in America has definitely changed in...

Many Think Marijuana Causes Little to No Harm, Study Finds ABC News - By. Catherine Thorbecke & Shailja Mehta - 9/5/2016 Marijuana use is going more...
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