Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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86 Georgia Spice

Georgia lawmakers outlaw synthetic marijuana Law unlikely to curb use, officials say chronicle.augusta.com GAINESVILLE, Ga. — Synthetic marijuana is illegal in Georgia – again. Recently, Gov. Nathan Deal...

Fake weed, dope profits

Grass is greener! Fake pot brings in fat profits, American Herbal Incense Trade Association boss Rick Broider says As Sen. Chuck Schumer and other pols push...

February CHAMPS Issue Available Now!

Click On Magazine below to View Issue 14   In This Issue: Strains: StarDog & Lambs Bread Articles: Secret Life of Water, Little Black Book of Marijuana, CHAMPS preview...

Happy Holidays! December Issue Available Now!

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Saturday off!

Source: LSU suspends star players Don't smoke 'fweed,' the 'real' thing is always the better choice. -UA ESPN BATON ROUGE, La. -- Top-ranked LSU has suspended star...

Don’t smoke this. Really.

‘Fake pot' tied to rash of E.R. visits in Tuscaloosa Annual deaths caused by marijuana: ZERO. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. -UA By...

Wait….K2 what?

Cops: 2 teens charged with possession of K2 marijuana K2 is NOT MARIJUANA. -UA app.com MANCHESTER— Two 19-year-old women were charged with drug possession after their car...

Synthetic drugs, real effects

Aurora protest targets ‘synthetic marijuana’ dailyherald.com Karen Dobner lays the blame on synthetic marijuana, which is created by mixing herbs with various chemicals to mimic the...

Synthetic drugs are bad

Mother Builds Support For Foundation Against Synthetic Marijuana Karen Dobner of Aurora today held a press conference to announce her foundation will start to boycott...
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