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FDA Continues To Approve Synthetic Cannabis

The FDA Quietly Approved a Synthetic Form of Marijuana as Medicine ATTN: - By. Aimee Kuvadia - 8/6/16 Though FDA's stance on marijuana has remained notoriously...

FDA To Evaluate Marijuana For Potential Reclassification As Less Dangerous Drug

The feds could actually soften their stance a little when it comes to weed. The Food and Drug Administration is reviewing the medical evidence surrounding...

Tapping Medical Marijuana’s Potential

By JANE E. BRODY Marijuana has been used medically, recreationally and spiritually for about 5,000 years. Known botanically as cannabis, it has been called a “crude...

Federally Sponsored Marijuana Study Backfires: Scientists Conclude DEA Should Reclassify Cannabis

by Monterey Bud “fitful, angry, and living in denial, the federal government’s reign of willful ignorance may soon end.” For decades, misinformation has been puked up by...
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