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DEA Chief Slams Obama For Pot Remarks: Reports

The head of the Drug Enforcement Administration slammed President Barack Obama this week for saying marijuana is no more harmful than alcohol, according to a report...


Mason Tvert Responds To Ex-DEA Pressure On Eric Holder To Oppose Marijuana Legalization Measures The Huffington Post On Friday Reuters reported that nine former U.S. Drug...

Numbered days

The Fallacy of the DEA: Why the Agency Needs to Concede to Legal Marijuana huffingtonpost.com There's no denying the pressure that the Drug Enforcement Administration must...

The war on US

Deciphering the White House jihad against pot ByTim Fernholz The New Republic When you get a new car, you start noticing the same model all...

Another USELESS state MMJ program

Growers selling medical marijuana on the Internet kold.com We need to elect a Minister of Marijuana, for the people. -UA TUCSON, AZ (KOLD) - The arrest of ...

Science-free zone

Medical marijuana: A science-free zone at the White House July 14, 2011 opinion.latimes.com Stephen Gutwillig and Bill Piper respond to The Times' July 9 article...

Breaking news, cannabis doesn't actually work….???

Federal Government Rules Marijuana Has No Accepted Medical Purpose 7/9/11 huffingtonpost.com They get more ridiculous each week. -UA The federal government ruled on Friday that marijuana has...
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Another Bad Barry

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Power in numbers