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Lines in their sand

Marijuana decriminalization unlikely in D.C., officials say By Tim Craig washingtonpost.com One day after New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he wants to partially decriminalize marijuana...

Obama’s gay marjuana

Marijuana Legalization vs. Gay Marriage: Obama's Hypocrisy on States' Rights policymic.com In a now-familiar story of drug war overkill, D.C.-based hemp store Capitol Hemp will shutter the doors...

DC Green?

Mega medical marijuana store, WeGrow, opens in D.C. Retailer sells equipment, supplies for indoor growing of marijuana plants nydailynews.com D.C. is going to pot. WeGrow, a retailer that...

Everyone wants a piece of the patient’s pie….

Montel Williams among D.C.’s medical marijuana hopefuls By Mike DeBonis 8/16 washingtonpost.com Step aside, Montgomery Blair Sibley., the District’s fledgling medical marijuana industry now boasts some realstar...
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DEA resale program

Rights please?

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