Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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BrainOG x Original Haze Review

The genetic background on this one is VERY interesting to me. These happy nuggets come from a family history of heavy hitters. Brain OG...

Black Review (Rare Darkness)

I purchased a 3.5g container from a local CT Dispensary. Black (Curaleaf) was it's name... I simply couldn't resist the title. The lineage of...

Almost time to turn on the vapes….

Medical marijuana businesses stirring in Connecticut bostonglobe.com HARTFORD — As Connecticut prepares to work on how it will regulate medical marijuana transactions in the state, a...

Movin on over…..

Connecticut Lawmakers Vote To Allow For The Limited Legalization Of Medical Marijuana CT, welcome to the club, MASS you are next. - UA By Paul Armentano,...

Nice job CT, you elected this woman

Boucher: Medical Marijuana Teaches Wrong Lesson Toni, I hope it doesn't take someone in your family to be sick and gain benefits from cannabis so...

CT making moves

Medical Marijuana Legislation Reintroduced in Connecticut Kudos to Erik and his team for fighting for patients. -UA Lawmakers are once again considering legislation, House Bill 5389,...

Connecticut medical marijuana thoughts….

JAMES PROTA: Medical marijuana use should be approved registercitzen.com 5/29 The rest of New England is doing it.....-UA Since 1972 when marijuana was placed as a Schedule...
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