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Lancashire was Lit! Fuzz takes down Secret Garden.

The hidden farm contained 1,300 cannabis plants (Picture: SWNS) Hidden cannabis factory with false walls and secret lifts discovered by police A gigantic cannabis factory hidden by...

Mass Cops Raid 81 Year-Olds House For Single Plant

Massachusetts cops raided an 81-year-old’s home to cut down a single medical marijuana plant Police hit the home by helicopter — to take a plant...

Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana

While marijuana laws have become lax in recent years, a "Marijuana DUI" can still get you in a lot of trouble. criminaldefenselawyer.com by Monica Steiner,...

Foggy details…..

Nashville police make large marijuana find tennessean.com A large marijuana growing operation was discovered by Metro Police Tuesday night at a residence on Chester Avenue in...
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