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Let Freedom Ring…

The Boston Freedom Rally. It's the largest event of its kind on the east coast. And really... What better place in the world to...

Long live the King

America needs more Mike Malta and less Cheryl Shuman The face of cannabis seems to be changing each time you blink.  As the potential for fortunes...

MassCann Fights Back

Determined not to loose velocity for the 2013 Boston Freedom Rally, MassCann publicly posts the history of obstacles they've faced year after year to keep...

So… No Boston Freedom Rally? MAYBE?

Your Right Seems Like a Real F*&%ing mess Jake.  And maybe not waiting til 9 days before a giant event people have paid thousands of...


Boston Freedom Rally 2012 Welcome to Boston! This year marks the 23rd time Boston has been host to the largest day of cannabis activism on...

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