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Burnin’ down under!

Trio of MPs to push for probe into drugs laws   smh.com.au DECRIMINALISING drugs will be investigated by Australia's top independent policy adviser under a plan championed...

Does this include beer bongs?

Australian State Set To Outlaw Bong Sales This would be like banning balloons to curb breathing. -UA 8/29 theweedblog.com The sale of bongs will be banned in...

War on Aussie cannabis

Police reveal $22m cannabis haul A fat kangaroo sack. -UA abc.net.au Police in Sydney say they have seized cannabis more than $22 million during a five-month operation. Detectives...

Who can take this seriously?

Where could they possibly get these statistics from? I bet all the cannabis 'drug abusers' and Ecstasy heads just lined up to admit their...
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