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Alaska reporter who quit on air for cannabis facing prison

Reporter who quit on air to fight for pot legalization could face decades in prison The Guardian - Sam Levin - 9/28/2016 Charlo Greene did not...

Alaska first commerical cannabis harvest begins

Alaska’s first commercial cannabis harvest begins Alaska Dispatch News - By. Laural Andrews - 9/26/2016 KASILOF – With autumn tightening its grip on Alaska, the state's...

Closer look at legalized recreational pot use

People 21 and older can now legally possess recreational marijuana in Alaska, Colorado, D.C. and Washington. All places prohibit public consumption of marijuana, but the...

Marijuana Officially Legal in Alaska for Private Use

After voting to legalize marijuana this past November, Alaska residents can finally bask in the smoke of decriminalized weed as the law allowing the...

Alaska model mmj program…..for the fed

Medical marijuana: Why it's not a big issue for Alaska 5/22 Jeff Richardson newsminer.com This is awful, the sickest patients are left with no resources. -UA FAIRBANKS...
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