Hot Coca with Better Ways LLC


I recently met with the owner of Better Ways. As a parting gift I was given a Coca to try out. This stuff is great. Coca full of cannabinoids, fast acting, long lasting, great breakdown, and just has an amazing flavor to go along with it.

This is a 500mg full spectrum hot coca. A premium Full Spectrum Hot Cocoa Mix is just the thing needed on a cold day to warm up or just relax. I’m more of a coffee drinker, so I put it in there for that mocha kick. 

The Cocoa itself come in a tin which contains 20 servings per container. Each serving holds 25 mg of full spectrum CBD. You’ve just gotta add some hot water or milk to enjoy. It works really great with smoothies too. It’s a really well blended cocoa but it isn’t high on the calories either. It’s not a crazy rich hot chocolate. But you can adjust the sweetness to your taste for sure.

Being that the product breaks down in water, it works just like a water soluble. When something has to be digested it can be 1 to 2 hours before anything becomes active in the system. Once that coffee hit my belly, I could feel its relief within 10 minutes and stayed active for 4-5 hrs. And it tastes good too.

Have you ever tried an edible that tasted like a freshly cut lawn, smelled like one, or both? Too many Hemp and/or Cannabis products on the market come with earthy flavors an aromas. Not this awesome little tin. Full rich flavor that a short pleasant aftertaste and complimenting my morning brew quite nicely. Plus it mixes down nicely and doesn’t leave many clumps.

Have you ever made hot chocolate and ended up with all those clumps that didn’t break down at the bottom of your cup? I bet you hate that, because I do too. Doesn’t seem to happen so much here… Experiencing my mocha java with with little to no clumpies at the bottom of my cup makes for a great start to my day and shows how well blended it really is.

This is a really good product made by a great company. Fantastic job on this product. Plus… Who doesn’t love a warm beverage? Now it’s a warm beverage with benefits. 😉

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