HEMPSTOCK 2021 with Better Together Connecticut.


Better Together Connecticut Inc. (Non-Profit) is located North Stonington CT. It’s a functioning farm. However, what they do there is both extraordinary and astounding locally. Interestingly enough, what they do is virtually unheard of within the industry.

The ranch is there as a retreat for veterans primarily. As well as being a retreat it additionally fills in as a retraining program that is extremely phenomenal inside this industry. Regenerative cultivating is offered as a course. All of the harvests that the homestead creates are sold in their ranch store, and are utilized in ranch to table cafés or given to seniors. The rest is given to neighboring school lunch programs. Which shows that they’re always giving back. But the one thing that makes this farm significantly more intriguing is that they train everybody in the best ways to develop natural hemp.

The educational program there covers all viewpoints from seed to offer of a product are canvassed in their courses. From seed selection to packaging. It is a full active involvement all the while. This not just a stage to acquire new abilities. The right attitude behind the new abilities will make new positions or even in avenues of business practices. In addition Better Together Connecticut Inc. is working on executing an organization so those that total their educational plan have better admittance to occupations.

With the new passing of sanctioning here in Connecticut, Better Together Connecticut will be hosting their very own Hempstock 2021. Official dates are August 14th and 15th of 2021. There will be food, groups, speakers, and merchants aplenty. I’ll be speaking on the fifteenth. They want and need this to be huge, and I mean colossal. Who could fault them?

They are still needing things like volunteers, supporters, sellers and obviously participants like us. So we should advise our companions to come out and go join Hempstock 2021 on August 14th and 15th 2021.

386 Norwich-Westerly Rd

North Stonington, CT 06359

Contact data is recorded underneath.



“Better Together CT, Inc. serves veterans and the local area through cooperation, horticulture, and expressions of the human experience while offering a protected, secure and mending climate.”


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