CBG in Da House!!!!


I needed something. But not a normal brain burner. I needed something that was going to relax me, but I still needed to stay focused and out of the clouds. I went for a ride in pursuit of something. I needed something different.

I was screaming through the back hills of Litchfield County CT. I had nowhere that I really needed to be. I stop in at a couple of health food stores, but nothing was really jumping out at me. So I pulled up google and found a great little place in the center of downtown New Milford CT called Your CBD store.
They had a wonderful assortment of products. Water Solubles, Tinctures, Topicals, Beauty Supplies, Edibles, Vapes, Loose Flower, and Pre-Rolls. What was interesting is that the pre-rolls where made from CBG flower. I went with a pre-roll, I’m accustomed to standard combustion. 
CBG is the God Molecule of Cannabis. All other chemical elements are created from the degradation of this molecule. THC, CBD… It all comes from CBG. It’s also known to be a very strong anti-inflammatory as well as having anti-stress properties. So, I knew this was going to be good.   
Through standard combustion, the show was on. The flower is rich in Carophyllene, so it was nice and spicy along with being a bit on the hoppy side. It had a decent amount of Humulene to give it that “hoppy” edge. Most flavors were found on the exhaust, not too much on the inhale keeping it nice and smooth. It even left a peppery aroma in the air.

The sensations were almost opposite of being high. No fog, more of a focus. Relaxing, but not groggy. I was totally chill, but no haze at all. Very nice product.

This happy number can be obtained through Your CBD Store located at 5 Church Street New Milford CT 06776 and is reasonably price at $10 for a 1 gram pre-roll. They also offer 7 gram containers and 14 gram containers of both CBD and a mix of a CBD and CBG flower. 7g $45 and 14g $75.

To view the labs:  CLICK HERE


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