SB888 vs. HB637


Look. I’m just going to cut to the chase on this one… I get it. CT is trying to “Legalize” Cannabis again. There are 2 bills being proposed. However, the bills aren’t the same at all. The option of SB888 was sponsored by the office of Ned Lamont. HB637 has been brought to the table and sponsored by 11 CT representatives.

Hennessy, John “Jack” F.
Winkler, Michael A.
Bradley, Dennis A. 
Winfield, Gary A. 
Sanchez, Emmanuel 
Mcgee, Brandon L. 
Michel, David 
Simms, Travis 
Phipps, Quentin W. 
Moore, Marilyn V. 
Hughes, Anne M.

So what’s the big deal? The reps have a bill and the governor has a bill… Everything is golden, right? WRONG.

These bills are almost opposite from one another. 🤯

Taxes for starters is always a big one. In HB6377 there would be an earmark for community investment. In finance, the term “community investing” refers to institutions and investment products that are intended to support economically disadvantaged communities. SB888 shows no support for this. So any tax dollars would just go into the blackhole that is the general fund.

No Home Grow support in SB888, but it’s in HB6377. How can it be “Legal” if you can’t grow it? Tomatoes are legal, you can grow those. And just for the record it’s legal to both brew beer and distill liquor at home in CT.

SB888 doesn’t support Priority Licensing for equity applicants nor does it support job programs for those with criminal histories. An equity applicant refers to individuals who meet their local jurisdiction’s equity eligibility criteria, which generally include people of color and members of historically criminalized communities (weed smokers and growers), veterans, medical patients, and others who can offer cannabis experience rather than capital. However, these are supported items in HB6377.

HB6377 shows support for Labor Peace Agreements. A labor peace agreement is an arrangement between a union and an employer under which one or both sides agree to waive certain rights under federal law with regard to union organizing and/or any related activities. SB888 does not support this. Is someone afraid of organized employees?

There is also a lack of support for state native tribes and no protections for students or parents with SB888. But they are supported in HB6377.

So, looking at these side by side… One of these things is not like the other.

Both bills have had their public hearings and will be voted on soon. Below is a link that will contact your state rep. Please click the link and show your support for HB6377. Otherwise we’re just looking at prohibition with extra steps.

Click Here


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