An afterglow is a feeling you get when something makes you feel good. It gives you a sort of warming shimmer across your body and face with a permagrin smile. Happiness and joy. Suitable to the saying, Afterglow Edible Co. will leave you in a state of bliss. Recently coming across their edibles I was taken back by how impressive their packaging looked. Compared to most dispensary grade edibles their brand stands out from the rest. The quality cardboard box was off white with colored lettering a detailed ingredients list, warning labels and secured with a childproof lock. Definitely up to standards, people should take notes if they plan to start an edible brand. Breaking into these childproofed boxes I found myself staring down a variety of decadent chocolates.

First up for me was the assorted creme centers, it featured one flavor of four varieties. Everything looked symmetrical and well made, whomever the chocolatier is behind these sweets know’s what they’re doing. I went right for the Pineapple creme center. This milk chocolate cup smelled sweet and fruity, and came topped with a dehydrated piece of pineapple, almost resembling a bow on top of a present. The flavor profile was very nice, if you’re a fan of pineapple candy you’d probably enjoy it, it screams Summertime Island vibes on the back of your palate and lingers, but personally for me I am more of a dark chocolate kind of man. The onset of the high after an hour with this one was easy going but came on strong. With edibles, they always give me the munchies like It’s my first time smoking. So needless to say I was unable to deny my everlasting hunger and gave into the temptations. Eating this at lunchtime was a good idea, as It didn’t leave me heavy eyed, sluggish and drowsy. I was still able to function at a high level and get my work done.

afterglow pineapple

Following up that evening I cracked open a Raspberry Lime creme center. I called this one the sophisticated cup because of its scent and presentation. It was colorful and fun to look at with swirl on top. To me it smelled kind of like fruit pebbles or something along the likes. It’ raspberry flavor didn’t lack, it was creamy and had a bit of the signature raspberry tart taste, and the lime blended well with it. Overall this one was my favorite flavor combination out of the assorted box of creme centers. The stone was very clean and similar to the pineapple creme, so consistency is on their side when it comes to their potency.

afterglow raspberry lime

The following day without waking up groggy from eating edibles at night, It was decided to continue on with my sampling by choosing what would be my favorite kind of chocolate ever, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt. This time it came in chocolate bar form. Having eaten chocolate bars from all over the world, I’d say this bar was up to par. The chocolate was set very nice and had a beautiful shine. Having their ratios on point I was able to get a nice salty crunch and taste with each piece. Salt really brought balance to the darker chocolate and made the flavor pop. They were complimentary in every way. It was like the salt enhanced the flavor of the chocolate as it melted in my mouth, which was a pleasant tasting experience and what i was hoping for.

afterglow dark chocolate sea salt

Last but not least Afterglow’s Passion Fruit PopRock Bar was the most impressive out of the lot in a few ways. One I have tried chocolate bars full of peanuts, rice krispies, caramel, toffee but never pop rocks. Just the name of this bar brought me back to my childhood eating a pack of poprocks, drinking coca cola after and trying to see if I would die. Laughs. I liked that the pop rocks were encased in the chocolate completely, so you couldn’t see them at all. It was kind of a surprise to bite into the bar, at first you’d enjoy a dark chocolate flavor immediately followed by a light popping, crackle and tingle from the pop rocks. This was so much fun to eat and was really enjoyable. White chocolate was the right idea with this one as the flavor of the passion fruit with the pop rocks, came together like a symphony. Passion fruit seems like the type of flavor that can be overshadowed by a chocolate but it really is one of the nicest tasting blends of chocolate I’ve had the pleasure of trying.

Afterglow Edibles can be purchased throughout the state of Maine. Maine’s motto is “Dirigo” meaning “I Lead” You can take my word that Afterglow Edible Co is doing just that in the North East, leading and paving the way of what an edible company could be. If you’d like to follow the brand or happen to be visiting Maine and are a licensed cannabis patient who would like to get their afterglow on, follow them on Instagram at @afterglowedibleco to stay informed about their locations.


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