An Evening of Botanical and  Culinary Fusion at inTERPretasting


There I was… Facing traffic on the worst travel weekend of the year. Thanksgiving weekend. I wanted to die. But I was on my way to something that was going to be really fun. I was on my way to The Summit Lounge in Worcester MA to attend inTERPretasting,  event involving pairing. Putting together a few different things to be combined on ones palette to create flavor fusions of joy. But I was still in traffic… The anticipation was killing me.

I arrived traditionally late due to holiday travelers and checked in at the front desk. The man at the front desk then handed me a box that said “Munchbox Specialty Treat Curations” and I was told I could go inside. This is when the excitement began, delivering a beautiful fusion of botanical and culinary arts.

I entered into the “bar” area, that’s when I made 1st contact. There he was, the host with the most. Bobby Nuggz. We danced, we schmoozed, we laughed, and then we moved along.

“You’re not back here.” said Bobby. “You’re up front brother. VIP. Come with me.” he replied. This should be considered the Your “Highness” package. Nothing less than hands down amazing. A perfect presentation for sure. A lovely platter of with an assortment of meats, cheese, and fruit accompanied by ginger ale and waters. It’s like they knew I was coming. It was everything I like.

And the funny part about this is I walked right by it when I first got there…

Along with the assortment of fine morsels and refreshments was The Take Flight. The Take Flight is a modern spin on the beer flight. But instead of getting small portions of beers to try, I was looking at small samples of craft flowers and concentrates. Plus, they gave me The Take Flight tray as a souvenir to take home. How cool is that?

We sit down and Bobby says “ Okay brother. Here’s how it works. The items on The Take Flight get paired with the items supplied in the Munchbox. Certain strains are matched with certain edibles highlighting particular terpenes. I’ll leave you to it my friend, enjoy.”

Everything in the box and they included a map to follow. 😀

Enjoy I did. I dove right in of course.

1st was a pairing of Sweet Bread flower from Eternal Cultivators and a 50mg THC passion fruit flavored lolli from Cannabis Queen Pops. Sweet Bread has a cheese aroma but is very smooth and sweet with heavy hints of lavender when charred. When combined with the passion fruit lolli left nothing less then a wonderful floral felt palette in the end. Truly delivering the focus of Linalool in this combo.

In phase 2 it was a combining of GG4 flower from Old Soul Gardens and an edible ornament (shaped like a christmas ornament) of 25mg of CBD infused chocolate covered bacon from CBC. GG4 traditionally delivers an earthy/citrusy flavor when reaching combustion. But along side the salty sweet goodness of the edible ornament felt flavors of earthy sweet delight that shined an honest spotlight on Humulene.

Stage 3 was definitely a highlight of the evening. The Caryophyllene Collection focused on spicy along with a sweet dry finish, delish. I like the spice. This partnership was Lemonberry flower from Jota Herb and a White Chocolate Cranberry Cakeball with Cranberry Cream Cheese Icing from Cannabakeri. The Lemonberry has a very spicy/piney zest when set ablaze. In junction with that 13mg THC Cakeball masterpiece gave my taste buds a sweet and spicy mix that didn’t linger very long after completion. Leaving a clear space for what was coming up next.

4th in queue was a delectable medley of Unagi Don flower from Jota Herb and a few Sugarhi Peppermint Patties. The patties were labeled 25mg. Was it THC or CBD? It didn’t say. I didn’t ask. I guess it’s choose your own adventure! Down the hatch! The Unagi flower was a fine combination of citrusy/fuely tastes when ignited. The peppermint patty complimented the fuely flavor which emphasized the lemon undertones of the cannabis making that flavor center stage on my tongue. An announcer appeared in my minds eye and yelled “Ladies and Gentlemen. This is Limonene!”

I’m now on level 5 of the adventure.  If this was a video game, this was where I leveled up because now we were pairing with concentrates. This was Lemon Hash Plant concentrate from Dank Boy Collective on a crash course to 100mg THC fruit gummies from Green Goddess Candies to capture the Ocimene. The  Lemon Hash Plant had a lemon rind type of flavor when dabbed and adding the gummy emphasizes the rind flavor of the dab. Ocimene capture complete.

Now we’ve reached the final chapter of the saga. The grand finale was Space Jelly concentrate from The Beekeeper along with some of Muffin’s 10mg CBD Caramels. I kept a piece of a caramel under my tongue to keep the sweet caramel present in flavor while I did a dab of Space Jelly. The jelly was very lemony and the sweetness from the caramel truly brought out the citrusy goodness of the Jelly putting the lemon flavor at the forefront of the experience. This combo was a true win for Limonene.

And before I knew it, 3 hours flew by and it was time to call it a wrap. What a great time/experience. A fresh spin on a night out. And this experience can be yours as well. inTERPretasting offers a variety of packages for these events, all very reasonably priced to meet any budget. Considering everything that comes with the packages, they’re well worth it. So if you’re looking for something new to do on a night out, this may be just what the doctor ordered.

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Please note all thc samples for the Interpretasting experience are a gift from the sponsors.🌫Please arrange for appropriate transportation when consuming; designated driver, public transit, or Uber. This event is in compliance with all MA State Laws. No cannabis is to be sold or purchased within the venue, event, or property. Everyone must follow MA State Laws regarding cannabis possession, consumption, and gifting.
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