A pleasant surprise!


Originally this story was a tale of 3 crazies traveling the entire state of Massachusetts going to every rec dispensary in search of superior customer service and quality products. The epilogue would have been a series of peaks (WEED!) and valleys ($15 per gram) along with strikes (Awesome gummies) and gutters (20% Sales Tax. Ouch!) But l’m not going to bore you with any of that.

After going to all the stops on our list, we found ourselves weak and weary from traveling, and needed to stop and recharge. We found a happy little spot in the corner of The Summit Lounge. This became the best part of the day.

The Summit Lounge is a private club for Cannabis consumers. It was pretty cool. We entered into a greeting area surrounded by bench seating with tables. The environment was very hometown and the surroundings were inviting. Maybe it was the smell in the air.

We bought guest passes ($15) and headed in to investigate the lay of the land. There was a happy little stand with a variety of items ranging from snacks and beverages to standard head shop style appurtenances.

Further down a hallway I noticed a room that was illuminating black light. Both creepy and cool all at the same time. Is this where the aliens are? Nope. This is where the games are. Big screen with leather couches and cannabis permeating the air. Cool spot, but there was more to be seen.

The hallway then opened into a larger bar styled room. It had ALL of the elements of a bar. Not a typical bar. But you could sit at the “bar” and toke one. No booze is served here. Personally, I felt that I was trading up. Nice place.

We went back to the bench seating area. They gave me a new herb tray to work with and offered an entirely sterilized glass bong to use during our stay. We used it. So we lit stuff on fire and had a few rounds of coffee. It was a good night…

The Summit Lounge offers both membership and daily guest passes, which is pretty cool. They also have events for members and offer the facilities for private parties. If you are in the area, it’s worth a visit. If you live nearby, you may want to consider getting a membership.



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