Necann Springfield MA



So… I had attended the NECANN conference at the Convention Center in Springfield Massachusetts. All walks of life attended, vendors and visitors alike.

Just a quick thought… I can remember a time when things like this were held in empty warehouses in shady neighborhoods. From back alley meetings to convention centers. My, how times have changed. And for the better.

Vendors included glass blowers, seed sales, dispensaries, activist groups, hemp/cbd products, wholesale groups, and science kits… (extraction and curing equipment) It was like a weed wonderland of sorts. Some of this equipment was actually quite interesting. One piece of equipment really caught my eye: The Idry.

I walked to the back of the expo to find this small semi trailer. This device allowed for LARGE amounts of cannabis to be both dried and cured at light speed. This device provides a system that creates an environment which allows for cannabis to be both dried and cured within a 24 hr period. This is accomplished with vacuums and heat. The negative pressure of the vacuum pulls moisture from the core of the bud to the surface, which prevents over drying of the outer shell and results in a consistently dried bud. A really cool GIANT gizmo.

Many of the groups and vendors were NOT from MA. Out of state dispensaries were there along with activist groups from multiple areas surrounding MA. There were many attendees from areas that haven’t gone legal yet, and they were all interested in changing their states’ laws, either with their time or through donations. This goes to show that the people are ahead of their government. They’re either looking to grow their business or just grow and smoke weed without being bothered for it.

It was a good environment for like-minded individuals to grow in an industry that is consistently changing and evolving as time progresses. What’s in store for the future? I guess you’ll have to go to the next expo. Buy a ticket and take the ride.


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