Purple… A love story.

Image provided by Curaleaf

Purple… AKA GSC. We’ve had a long-time love affair. We go WAY back. Oh, the Samoas.

I’ve always loved the flower BTW. Once I saw it was available in a cartridge, I just had to give it a day in court. Curaleaf did a great job with the flower. That great flower was made into a pretty amazing vape. They did a great job with the extraction process and keeping the terps intact. The product really did have an immeasurable flavor to it. Lofty levels of ß-Caryophyllene and Limonene left the oil with a Hoppy/Citrus zest that was very delightful to the palate. 

I historically have reported that the sensations from GSC was one of the best ever and has always been a favorite. This pure oil pen exhibited no deviation from its flowery origins. Both essence and cerebellum sensations were equally distributed, making it a perfect hybrid.

So between the exceptional gusto and vigorous sensation, it didn’t last very long. Made me kinda’ hungry too.


Purple Pure Oil V T350 H 6358


An entire bag of Fritos was killed during the production of this article.


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