LCK: Key Lime Cheesecake Bar

Key Lime Cheesecake Bar by Little Cannabis Kitchen

By Bobby Nuggz, Releaf Media 5/24/19

Little Cannabis Kitchen calmed my sweet tooth once again, this time with their 120 milligram Key Lime Cheesecake candy bar. I often travel from place to place and visit different chocolatiers in shops along the way. I’ve tried dozens of varieties of chocolate candy, ice cream, truffles or gelato and other sweets. I was pleased that Little Cannabis Kitchen thought outside the box, and I got to try something I never have before in a chocolate form.

I split the bar in half, and ate a portion of it before bed. I really enjoyed the taste, it was sweet, fruity, fluffy and creamy and didn’t taste too artificial. The little bit of crumbly goodness from the cheesecake crust added for an enjoyable extra indulgence. I couldn’t help but to sneak a few more pieces to strengthen my dose. Little Cannabis Kitchen’s key lime cheesecake candy bar definitely held medicinal value. I have a lot of trouble sleeping, endless tossing and turning. I was able to get a full rest and the next morning I felt refreshed. Certain edibles tend to give me a bit of a groggy hangover, but I ate the right amount.

Photographing the key lime cheesecake bar was a lot of fun because the visual appeal of the bar stood out. The lime green color popped and makes your mouth water just at the sight and thought of trying it, you know, the little pucker of your cheeks when thinking about the taste of lime.

Little Cannabis Kitchen’s key lime cheesecake bar was delicious. On a scale of 1-10 I would easily rate it an eight or a nine, even though I’m more of a glutton for darker chocolates. The look and flavor of this candy bar brought me back to my childhood, visiting the diner with my family and begging for a piece of key lime pie for dessert or family parties where I’d always sneak a few extra slices of cake to take home.


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