No Grow No Go!

The idea of home grown in CT...

In Connecticut there are three bills that have become the talk of the town for legalization, and those bills are SB 1138, HB 7371 and SB 1085.┬áThese bills will more than likely be merged into one enormous bill that will end up being voted on by the secret tribes of CT. There’s a lot of good things in these bills, like getting those pesky old pot charges erased and the communities that allow for these businesses to operate in their areas will get 3% of the sales generated to be added to their general funds. These are good things. However, there are no grow rights listed anywhere and there are limits to what can be possessed. This isn’t legalization, it’s prohibition with a new set of rules.

“It’s not legal if YOU can’t grow it.”
Jack Herer

Do you know what’s legal? Tomatoes, those are legal. I eat tomatoes all of the time. In addition, when the weather permits I like to grow multiple types of tomatoes. Now during the time I am growing my tomatoes, I still eat tomatoes. I’ll go to the store and buy my tomatoes to put in my meals on the regular.

Now granted, when I am eating the tomatoes from my garden I don’t buy many tomatoes. But in no way shape or form is the tomato consumption from my personal garden putting even the tiniest dent into the tomato industry. Even if I were to can or jar every single tomato I pulled from my garden and stack them to the ceiling, there would still be no affect on the tomato industry. PERIOD.

This even includes giving some away to my friends and neighbors. There actually might even be a chance that I have exposed them to a tomato that they’ve never had before. This in turn will lead them to go to a grocery store to get some of these new and exciting tomatoes. This would actually be helping to stimulate that unaffected tomato market. Let’s also keep in mind that not everyone can grow tomatoes. So, not everyone will have a garden. But as it stands now, if these bills are voted into place there will be NO grow rights. And if you do and you get caught… They will throw a big heavy book at you. And they throw those books pretty hard.

Plus… What’s with the limits? There aren’t any limits on the amount of tomatoes I can purchase. Even if we wanted to skip tomatoes entirely, there is nothing to stop me from renting a trailer and parking it outside of a liquor store and saying “Fill ‘er up boys.” As long as I have the cash, they’d fill it up.

I can also brew beer at home. I can even buy a still from Walmart or Amazon and make my own liquor. All this with no legal hardships. Why would you lock someone up for a garden? And if you would… How is that legal?




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