Concentrate connoisseurs will tell you that “low temp” is the most effective and flavorful way to enjoy your medicine. Everyone has their own way of doing things but there is a particular technique that continues to evolve and makes things a bit more interesting. Recently, we’ve demonstrated the cold start technique, a process that has reversed our thinking in what a dab is.  Uncontrolled temperatures and hot flavorless hits can be a thing of the past with the right tools and correct timing.  After scouring the earth to find the perfect equipment for the cold start, we’ve found that Joel Halen’s “Halen Bucket” is among the best quartz nails for delivery and flavor.  We sampled the 25mm buckets and put them to the test.  The deep bucket along with a flat base make this a very desirable design for cold starts, but we took things to the next level and used Halen’s quartz inserts. Here are some steps to follow that we have found helpful.

  1. Start with the proper equipment: Halen Bucket with quartz insert and bubble cap.

The quartz inserts are an essential tool to this technique for a few reasons. The inside of your quartz nail will never be exposed to concentrate. When cooled, the insert will can easily be removed and cleaned reducing carbon build up which can ruin flavor and heat conduction.  The frosted insert has a thicker base, allowing for more heat retention and larger hits. Halen’s bubble cap allows for less waste and a fuller vaporization by chasing the liquefied concentrate in a directional motion.


  1. Load and cap


Place your concentrate in the bottom of the room temperature quartz insert and then, position the insert at the bottom of the room temperature Halen Bucket.  Set the bubble cap atop the Bucket.


  1. Heat Bucket

Using the high setting on your torch (preferably in between the first two blue rings of the flame), heat the bottom of the Halen Bucket and count between eight and twelve seconds. You will be seeing the concentrate melt and begin to vaporize. It is also recommended to hold the torch away from the nail, this will prevent the bubble cap from getting hot. Controlling the flame on the torch will also allow you to be able to better direct the heat for a more flavorful, perfectly timed hit.


  1. Inhale and rotate

While inhaling, turn the bubble cap in a circular motion and be sure not to lift it off the nail. This will create a perfect blend of air and vapor. Using the round bubble cap, you can chase the melting concentrate in a directional motion to ensure that you are consuming you are vaporizing all your concentrate efficiently.


  1. Clean up

Keep q-tips handy and wipe out your insert after every hit. Never skipping a clean out will protect your tools and keep things fresh. A small dish with alcohol is also helpful for deeper rinsing.

Cold start vaporizing is an evolving technique that has made dabbing a more enjoyable and efficient process for many people.  Using the Halen Bucket, insert and bubble cap nearly perfects this process leaving not much else to be desired in a quartz nail.  If your local glass shop doesn’t carry Halen Buckets, tell them they should.