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Little Cannabis Kitchen Assorted Cream Sampler

Bobby Nuggz 3/15/2019 Releaf Media


Little Cannabis Kitchen specializes in making a wide array of sweet confections. Focusing on only the highest quality ingredients, many of their signature recipes take a unique twist on classic flavors. This time around, we tried the Little Cannabis Kitchen’s assorted cream sampler. The inviting white box displayed the right amount of information essential to labeling, including an ingredient list, safety warning to keep away from children and animals and the amount of THC.  Each cup was approximately 25 mg and the box totaled 300 mg, which I felt like I could eat in one sitting, but I spread out my tasting over a few days. I was pleased to open the box to a list of all of the different flavors. The cups lined up below their names on the inside label, so I was able to properly identify them. Each of the flavors also featured clues to their flavor by the fresh ingredients garnished on top of each one.

Throughout four days, I ate two of the assorted cream cups each afternoon. I’d have to say that they were evenly dosed and uniform in strength. The effect was sedative and euphoric and gave me an increase in appetite throughout the duration. Each cup tasted great, no detectable taste of cannabis, just chocolaty creamy goodness.

Little Cannabis Kitchen Root Beer Float











We photographed and featured my four favorite flavors in the box which were  Root Beer Float, Orange Creamsicle, Coconut Almond and Peanut Butter. Root Beer Float was the most unique to me, and it had a cherry jelly bean on top! The cherry complimented the complex flavors of Root Beer and cream, this fun combo was interesting to the eye and the mouth.

Little Cannabis Kitchen Orange Creamsicle












Orange Creamsicle tasted like the middle of July, I would have enjoyed an entire box of that flavor alone!

Little Cannabis Kitchen Chocolate Almond

The Coconut Almond had a great balance of textures, I really liked the slivered almonds on top. The filling was fluffy and flavorful.

Little Cannabis Kitchen Chocolate Peanut Butter

Peanut butter cups are such a classic treat, so my bar was set high.  Little Cannabis Kitchen really nailed it with this one.


This box of assorted cream cups really delivered, visually and medicinally. I enjoyed the variety in the pack of chocolates most of all. A few of the flavor combinations surprised me at first, but overall, I was very impressed by the variety and quality of these treats. If you’re a patient and you’re interested in delectable from Little Cannabis Kitchen, you can contact him directly on Instagram and facebook @littlecannabiskitchen


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