Sour Diesel

Image by Theraplant

It was once almost an urban legend. If everyone that claimed to have Sour Diesel actually had Sour Diesel, it would have to have come from a farm the size of Alaska. However, there are some producers that keep it in rotation these days. Lucky us!

Image from Theraplant

Theraplant delivers a Sour Diesel with that classic fuely nose and flavor that the true fans crave. Not an overpowering fuely smell/flavor but present and noticable. More Sour then Diesel really… But still VERY nice. Looked great, smelled awesome, broke up plentiful, and burned perfect. I really couldn’t ask for more. Good smells and good flavors lead to good feelings. Yes. I’ll take some more please.  Thank you.

Perfect Sativa. It left me feeling me feeling dreamy of sorts. Not zoomy at all, very relaxing actually. And in a mood to write… I feel ‘crunchy’ and ‘huggy’ too.

AKA Songrica.


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