It’s not psychoactive! Sort of…


CBD… Everybody seems to want some. Nowadays I see it everywhere. It’s so crazy, I see it in the form of candy bars, along with infused teas and coffees, an array of vapes and topicals and it seems whatever else that they can cram a CBD molecule into. I think it’s pretty cool. I’ve seen products at the corner store, right up to the big boys like Amazon and Walmart. They are literally almost everywhere. But I think along with the popularity of CBD products there is a misconception that has manifested.

One of the biggest claims I hear in regards to CBD products is that it’s not psychoactive. I don’t think that’s a statement that’s entirely true. Does it get you high? Well, no it’s not a sedative. But many confess that cannabidiol leaves them with a calming affect. Some have reported at higher doses feeling more alert. I think whether you’re up or down, this is changing things. Don’t you think?

A psychoactive drug is a chemical that affects both the brain and nervous system. This in turn will alter brain function, which will change mood, and overall behavior. Is this not what’s happening here? Whatever the reason one might be taking a CBD product, it is to overall increase their wellness. They’re changing things about their body and their mind. Wouldn’t it just be more honest to say something like “It’s not the same effects as THC”?



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