CTMMP Pre-rolls… They leave a bit to be desired.

It's Broken. WHY?!?!?!?

I’m a traditionalist. I like combustion. I have no problem spinning my own. However, lackadaisical sensations can become overpowering at times and I reach for pre-rolls. Let’s be honest, sometimes these things are too darn easy. In addition, they tend to be less expensive than whole flower. So why not? Right?

In CT, 3 of the 4 producers of Medical Cannabis in the state offer pre-rolled cones as part of their product lines. However, some are leaving a little bit to be desired. To start, in MANY other models the pre-rolls are usually less expensive. Not in CT. In other models they can also be purchased individually. Not in CT. And most importantly, in other medical models, they’re full and burn all the way through. Not in CT. I have personally gotten pre-rolls that weren’t full and many burn funny. Not funny like a clown, funny like tracking and clogging. Likely because they are not completely full. Or its cheap paper. This is total speculation based on personal experience. But this occurs a lot…

For the pricing, they should be perfect every time.

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