RI Green Tour


Yes, full tour and I hit all the spots. Well, there are only 3 but I went to all of them. Greenleaf Compassionate Care Center, Summit, and The Thomas C Slater Center were in my sights and I was going to take it all in. For better or for worse, and by the way they accept out of state medical cards. Perfect!

The first stop along our little green adventure here was the Greenleaf Compassionate Care Center. It was the first stop of the day, I was happy to have arrived and looking forward to seeing a menu. But we hit a snag…

I had come with a colleague that is a registered CT patient. In CT after the first year of being a patient, the state no longer issues cards. Patients receive their renewals via email which must accompany the most recent hard copy card along with a state issued identification card. The dispensaries in CT allow the emails given to them by the state on their cell phones and tablets, however this RI dispensary required that the email be printed out. 

We asked the security guy, if we could forward him the email would they would print it for him? We were told that it wasn’t allowed. My colleague offered $5.00 for the print out. I offered $10, just because I didn’t want to go find a Staples and come back. Denied. So you accept cash for Cannabis, but not for a print out of a medical card? That’s just weird.

Once we returned with our printed copy it was actually a friendly experience. Kiosk menus displaying live inventory, however there was no way to place an order. The devices were for display only. The sales people were really obliging and were quick to show their wears and answer any questions. I purchased some Tina Danza. It was okay, but had many seeds. But I wasn’t just going to stop here, no way. Onward!

The next stop was Summit Medical Compassionate Center. We went right in, there was almost no waiting at all. Quaint and cozy reception area for the paper work and then I was in. The place was set up like a high end jewelry store, long display counters filled with products to be observed. There was an automated menu system which was very confusing. It didn’t show everything that was in stock. Without the bud tender to assist, I would have missed several items. They had very reasonable vape cartridges; $35 for 300mg. So I grabbed a Blue Dream and a Sour Diesel.  Well done, Summit. In addition, their Watermelon Skittles was AWESOME! But there was still 1 final stop to make.

Lastly and certainly not the least, I went to The Thomas C. Slater Center. With this place… Appearances can certainly be deceiving. On the exterior, it has an appearance of an industrial complex right up to when they let you into the facility. Once inside it opened up to a Cannabis Palace. They pulled a page out of The Harborside Playbook. Got to the counter quickly, kiosk ordering was available on-site with waiting area, on-line ordering, large selection, daily specials, and vapes with 650mg THC were $65.00. Good service, live menu, lots of stuff, good prices, and oh… They have a little gift shop too. How cute! The next time I stop by I’ll have to pick up a t-shirt. Really nice place with excellent service and the Plushberry flower was excellent. In addition… Who can resist $5.00 joints?

In the end, it was a great day. The weather was nice and it was a good day for a drive to see how other institutions were serving it up. It was fun. Buy a ticket and take the ride, then stop for seafood.



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