History repeats itself?


Recently Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York state made claim that they will be legalizing recreational Cannabis in 2019. This is pretty HUGE… it’s even bigger than you think. We could be on the edge of watching history repeat itself. Conclusively, for the better.

I’m a bit of a history buff, especially when it comes to prohibition. Once upon a time you couldn’t drink in this country either. No beer, no wine, and certainly no liquor. It made way for a criminal element often offering dangerous alternatives.

But over time, the states began to realize that the system that was in place wasn’t working and began to loosen their laws. But the BIG SLAM was New York. Once they gave the people a drink, so did the rest of the country. And now… Not only is it in almost every store, you can brew your own at home. The choice is yours. It’s kinda’ like they handed the country a beer. Now they’re going to hand them a joint. AWESOME!