Hemp-Hemp HOORAY!


The final federal farm bill is ready and the lawmakers are hoping for it to pass before 2019. Why is this important?

The bill includes provisions to legalize industrial hemp. This would remove the plant from the controlled substance act. This would also remove it from the hands of The Justice Department and put in the hands of The Department of Agriculture.

We could be witnessing a moment in time when hemp will not be federally prohibited. It’s been that way since The Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 which made possession of the plant illegal across the entire nation. So ultimately we are potentially looking at a big shift in federal policy.

If this goes through we could be potentially looking at another industrial revolution. Whole Foods has already stated that hemp products are already very popular and will be part of 2019 top 10 food trends. This mean we’ll be manufacturing things again, except this round it will be made out of hemp… More food, paper, fuels, essential oils, construction materials far superior to what’s available now, medicines, textiles, and molded plastics… Just to name a few. In addition, none of these products produced from hemp are harmful to the environment. In fact, they are quite helpful.