5 Dollar Joints


I was on my way home from Releaf Media and stopped by one of the local dispensaries, just because. To my AMAZEMENT I found that they had $5.00 joints. 1/2 gram pre-rolls. There was a limit of 5 per order… But who cares?

It seems they mix the small remains of bulk purchasing and pre-package them into 1/2 gram pre-rolls. In this case it was a mix of BC Cheese, Training Day, and Plushberry. Indica and Sativa mix leaning more towards the Indy side of things.

Extremely citrusy flavor that was a total creeper. 1/2 way through one, I felt nothing at all… I was starting to think that they burned me. THEY HAD DONE ME DIRTY! Nope. As I snuffed it out and threw away the tip, there it was like a big heavy bus. BOOM! I was down for the count. Not unconscious or anything. But I wasn’t looking to do much more then maybe get some of those awesome Rhode Island fish-n-chips.

Rhode Island is one of the states which accepts out of state cards at the dispensaries.

Items were purchased at the The Thomas C. Slater Center (Cool place too BTW) located in Providence RI.

THC 22.461%
CBD .882%