The Original Hemp Buds review…


Normally I don’t waste time on things I don’t like. I would normally just throw something away and move on. But sometimes, every so often I have such a bad experience I feel an overwhelming urgency to share the happenings with the hope you’ll never experience it yourself.

Granted, this was an impulse purchase. But, I see lots of groups trying to get in on the Cannabis industry. So I thought I would give this one a try. CBD full spectrum hemp flower with no THC.  How could it hurt?

It looked good on paper…

Rolled one and fired it up. 🔥 Big deep breath and my body couldn’t get it out fast enough. Gag, hack, cough, spit, and then repeat for what seemed like an eternity.  Tasted like broccoli that was left in a basement for too long.  I’ve tried hemp products in the past, but nothing ever tasted as horrible as this.

If you see this one around… Pass it by.


This product is normally found in smoke/head shops. 


    • Awww… You say the sweetest things. You should write children’s books. Maybe I did get a bad batch. Perhaps they need better quality control. Is there something from their line that’s better? I’d be happy to investigate.

  1. I got Special Sauce which had a nice earthy smell and taste and helped me relax nicely. Just picked up Lifter a day or two ago and smells very fruity. Looks like some reggie weed, hits a little hard in the chest, but gives a very nice sativa-ish CBD relaxation. Personally think these are perfect for a “cross tolerance” t break. Love them, and I can get it for $20/7g

  2. I just purchased this the other day and have smoked it in a bowl multiple times tasted and smelled great and immediatly relieved the tension in my neck and shoulders and a month long headache GONE. Plus ZERO POT HIGH NO PARANOIA OR BRAIN FOG . ZERO BAD SIDE EFFECT

  3. I completely agree with you. My friend bought a container of the strain “Sour Space Candy” and it tasted like bunk weed. There is no THC in it and I doubt the amount the CBD in it is significant enough to actually be medicinal. I think it was a waste of money and I would recommend others to pass it by as well.