The Kind Mind CampOut Chronicles pt1 The 1st Impression

Photo from The Kind Mind Campout.

There I was…  Somewhere between being sucked in or spit out of a New England vortex of Connecticocks, Massholes, Islanders, The People of The Live Free or Die Village, and Main-ahs. The traffic was grueling across all New England, however in Maine you can drive 70mph everywhere you go. My kind of state.👍🏻. The destination was The Kind Mind Campout in Minot Maine. 3 days (8/3, 8/4, and 8/5 of 2018) of music (3 stages), food, games, art, camping, and of course Cannabis. If they had a couple of carnival rides, it would’ve been WeedAPalooza. Next year can we get a Ferris Wheel?

It’s got to be the magic bus… It has abracadabra on the side.

I could’ve been a judge and had VIP blah blah. But things like this are taken in better from ground zero, the side everyone else sees. My spaceship crashed bright and early on 8/4. It was raining, the day was moist. But I was going to make the best of it. With that in mind… I’m glad I stayed at The Hilton. As I was walking across the field, I came across a magic bus. The bus had the word “Abracadabra” painted on the side, I knew I was in the right place. I had arrived. Let the fun begin.

Vendor Village in the evening.
Pop a balloon!🎈
Win some weed!

Just past the magic bus was Vendor Village. One big circle of glass, clothing, art, food, and weed. There were even carnival style games where if you pop a balloon you had a chance to win something cuddly or Kushy. I was throwing darts 🎯 like I was 1/2 Phil Taylor and 1/2 Ninja Warrior! Between my projectile skill and cat like reflexes, I killed the balloon as if it owed me money and moved along packing my entire winnings into a single cone. Lucky me… As I continued to stroll through the village I came across many points of interest. Like this giant lemon manned by a cutie dressed like a Teddy Bear.

Freshly Squeezed. Juicy-J’s

After finishing my winnings, visiting this giant lemon seemed like a good idea. “I’ll take 2 of your large lemonades please.” I said nicely to the teddy bear. “That will be $3 each.” She replies. But before she placed the lids on top… She asked “Would you like that infused with medicated sugar? It’s only another $5 each.” And she wasn’t cheap with it either. One giant heaping mound of over flowing sugar was smashed and stirred into each. $5 well spent. After a couple rounds of those things, everything got a little heavy and I moved along to zone out on some art.

There was lots of really cool stuff to look at, or purchase.

The Purple Moose Gateway

Then I came across the purple moose. This was the gateway to joy… As there were many vendors in attendance, these guys were all top shelf and more than likely the competitors for The Kind Mind Campout Cup Awards. Upon entering The Purple MooseHead Barn, I stopped at the 1st vendor at the portal’s doorway. GrassMonkey Cannabis Company. They had a strain I never heard of “Thugs Breath”, which I later found out is a cross of Thug Pug OG and MendoBreath. Here… Take my money. They also had really cool vape cartridges. The one I got tasted just like lemon Dum-Dums. Pretty awesome.  And just across the way was White Ash Cannabis with 1 gram joints on sale for $10, Chocolate Diesel (CD) it is. Vape cart and battery, 1/8 of Thugs, 1g of CD, between 2 vendors… $40.00. My facial expression. Priceless.

After a few tugs on the lemon dum-dum and the 1g CD I was feeling like a candle left in the desert sun, melted. I’m not sure if it was the vape, the CD, the 100mg lollipop I ate when I 1st got there, the Juicy-J lemonade, or the balloon winnings, but I REALLY NEEDED to see a lighthouse and eat some lobster. So, I went on break… I returned later once the sun went down. This way I’d be more in my element.

To be continued…