Jack Herer Review

Image from East Bay Express

It was May of 1998 and I was heading towards NYC to join The Million Marijuana March. I had gone to a few in prior years and always had a blast. This time around, we ended in Washington Square Park; it was a beautiful day  and we were in for some good times.

I found myself behind the stage smoking cannabis with numerous strangers. I was leaning on the rail to the stairs that went up to the stage. There were some people passing by behind me and one of them accidentally bumped into me.

“Sorry bro.” Said the man behind me.

It was totally my fault and I turned around to look at him and said “Hey you’re that guy.”

And he said “Well, you’re that guy.”

“Right on man, you go up there and tell ‘em.” I said.

“Yah, and you tell ‘em too.” He replied and headed up the stairs.

That guy was Jack Herer (Cannabis Activist and author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes). The man, the myth, the legend.

Picture provided by Curaleaf

Even though Jack left us in 2010, he still lives on with a great strain of cannabis. A strain as notable as the name. This hybrid flower is a cross of Haze, Shiva Skunk, and Northern Lights#5 which seems to sway a bit towards the sativa side. This multi-award winning strain was created in The Netherlands during the 90’s and was recognized as a medical strain due to both the quality and the power of this flower.

Viewing the flower one can find darker greens accompanied by amber hairs and glistening crystals surrounding the vegitation while smell earthy and slightly piney. All these appealing features were truly displayed upon combustion. Earthy/Woody flavors were dominant in both the intake and the exhaust, almost no difference at all. The sensation was out of this world. Completely uplifting, truly lifted. No sluggishness at all, completely energetic, and happy as hell for no real reason at all.

And there you have it Jack, I’m telling ‘em.


Aka Jade
Producer Curaleaf


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