Tobacco… Moving in.


Did you ever want to walk into a store and say “Can I have a pack of Herbiss Lights 100’s? And can I have a pack of matches too please?”

Well, that is not happening yet. However, some big moves are coming out of Big Tobacco Companies. Cannabis is something that big tobacco has been looking at for quite some time, and it seems this industry is revving up to get in on the cannabis market. One example of these undertakings is UK group  Imperial Brands (formerly known as Imperial Tobacco) the makers of products such as Winston, Kool, and Blu. In 2017 Imperial brought on Simon Langelier (Chairman of PharmaCielo, a medical cannabis company) to their Board of Directors. And if that’s not enough to pique your interest, they recently invested $10,000,000 at Oxford Cannabinoid Technologies (OCT).

OCT is a UK start-up company that will be researching the theraputic side of cannabis. In addition, they will be researching its application. This will give them a deeper understanding of the medical cannabis market. One might think “Big deal. Another research group.” But, their business model was so good it also drew the attention of Casa Verde Capital which was co-founded by Calvin Broadus (aka Snoop Dogg).

But things like this just aren’t happening overseas, you can find it happening here in the U.S. as well. Philip Morris, the producer of products like Marlboro and Parliament have a $20,000,000 investment in a cannabis inhaler which was approved and is in use in Isreal. Plus they own Patent # US20080281135A1. I was terrified after I read it…. Someone que “The Imperial March”. In addition, American tobacco contractor and supplier Alliance One International purchased 75 percent of the stock of Island Garden (a Prince Edward Island medical cannabis producer) and 80 percent of the stock of Goldleaf Pharm Inc. (an Ontario medical cannabis company). So, there are some changes in the wind. We’ll definitely see the changes, simply because there’s buckets of money being dumped on these projects.