Is that weed?


I stopped at a head-shop out in parts unknown. Along my journey I noticed a small outlet on the side of the road. I was in no hurry to get where I was going and stopped to have a look around.

Look at those awesome nuggets.

As I strolled through the establishment there were your typical offerings. But then I came across a wicker basket filled with retail packaged bags of KoKoNuggz. I looked to the left and there were mason jars full too. Did I die and go to heaven? Did I trip on something and fall into Massachusetts or Maine? Or is this like the RipVanWinkle story? Did I get too baked and wake up in Colorado?


Notice that there is less in this one already…


The joy washed over me like a little kid seeing a rainbow for the first time. There were even two choices. OG and Banana OG. During the ticker tape parade that was going on in my mind, the salesman decided to chime in, “Those are awesome. I’ve had them both, really good gourmet chocolate.”



The Rice Krisp Cereal makes it look like seeds in a flower…


The parade in my mind was gone. I felt betrayed! Hornswaggled Even… I believed your deceitful packaging! You lied to me and I believed you. I bought a few of each. The salesman was right, they were REALLY good and if you look at the ingredients you’ll see that it is JUST chocolate. It just looks like and is packaged like a retail cannabis product found in many of the state programs through out the country. It was even funnier when I gave one to a buddy. He was REALLY happy. Then he opened it. Was sad for a second, ate one and became happy again.




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