(Tutti Fruiti x Blueberry x Bubba Kush) x Colombian Gold Review

Image by Theraplant

(Tutti Fruiti x Blueberry x Bubba Kush) x Colombian Gold…  Sounds like a fruit salad crashed into South America. How about Colombian Fruitiberry Kush? Or Golden Bubba Fruitberry? Columbian Fruit Salad? Nevermind. Aka Maybrid. Could somebody connect me with marketing please?

This Hybrid came in the form of some cones. No loose flowers this round. Completely prepackaged, not my usual style but I went for it anyway. 3 per container. Just plain cones, nothing special. So, I felt compelled to commit an act of arson… 3 actually.

While the flames roared and my 3 brown sticks of fruity goodness turned to ash… Hard-Core sweetberry goodness on the way down and while exiting, but on the way out it left a little bit of a Hazy after taste. Very nice. 👍🏻

Good Hybrid too, sensations in both the head and the body. Not much was coming to mind and suddenly the world was slightly heavier and just a little further away. Each one got heavier and heaviest before I was done. That’s when the hungry struck.

I attacked my kitchen like a Werewolf that had been let out of its cage for a stroll. This ravenous beast ate everything in site, devouring any/all leftovers and then attacked the cabinets. Anything boxes went to the belly of the beast. (Hell, I found an old biscotti left over from Xmas and ate that too. Shh… It was in a wrapper.) And once everything had been destroyed, the beast turned back into a man and passed out for the best 10hr. nap EVER.

Chem  THC-A: 21.5%THC: 0.3%CBD-A: <0.1%CBD: <0.1%CBG-A: 0.6%CBG: 0.1%CBN: 0.1%CBC: 0.1%THC-V: <0.1%CBD-V: <0.1%

Terps  α-Pinene: <0.1%ß-Pinene: <0.1%ß-Myrcene: 0.1%Limonene: <0.1%Ocimene: <0.1%Linalool: <0.1%ß-Caryophyllene: 0.2%Humulene: <0.1%

aka Maybrid
producer: Theraplant


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