The angels came with trumpets…

The clouds parted and the sun glistening down like something out of the new testament. The angels sang and arrived blowing trumpets to announce the arrival. A strain got to keep its name in the Connecticut MMP. Are you sitting down? Lavender, it’s a cross of Super Skunk, Big Skunk Korean and Afghani Hawaiian.  And it’s name lives on because it’s a color.

As some of you may or may not know, the state of Connecticut has a medical cannabis program. However, the state does not allow for any of the products to be labeled with what the state refers to as a “street name“. So, there is no Purple Haze or OG Kush. Everything is labeled to sound way more “sterile“ then found in other state programs. However, producer Curaleaf has been labeling everything after a color since the programs inception. The company produced strains like Girl Scout Cookies, but they labeled it as Purple. But it seems that since Lavender is already a color this particular strain gets to keep its birth right.

I had to try it. Once I cracked the container open I could smell a sweet floral aroma and as the nuggets rolled out onto the table they looked like little Joker inspired disco balls. All purple and orange while it glistened with crystals like it was frozen. Very, VERY nice.

During the combustion period of exploration, I think the angel trumpets blessed the flavor when they saved the name. A sweet and floral flavor was present with both intake and exhaust with a hint of lavender. Yes, not only does it look purple, it tasted purple too. In the end, the experience left me feeling very relaxed and happy. Great product.

I liked it so much I lost it all in a series of small fires. Don’t let the numbers fool you folks, give this one a try. You will definitely be happy with your purchase.

Strain Lavender: Indica
THC 0.35%
THCA 22.10%
Total THC 22.45%
CBD <0.10%
CBDA <0.10%
Total CBD <0.10%
Alpha Pinene 0.19%
Beta Myrcene 0.58%
Ocimene 0.11%
Linalool 0.11%
Beta Caryophyllene 0.41%
Humulene 0.11%


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