One Hit One Da Review


It’s slices! It dices! It makes great Julienne french fries… No, no it doesn’t. But this is great for microdosing and/or the first time Cannabis consumer. INTRODUCING THE ONE HIT ONE DA!

Manufactured and assembled in right here in the good old U.S.A.  One might think at first glance “Eh… It’s just a one hitter.” But it is a little different, and has some upgrades in comparison.

To start, I can’t even begin to tell you about how many times I’ve been blasted with hot embers to the back of the throat. One Hit One Da offers an ash catch. Never take a hot one ever again. In addition, it has interchangable parts. The device can be used as a traditional bat, but the mouth piece is removable so that the user can attach a slide to be used in a bubbler.


The claim to fame with this company is microdosing.  I’ve seen a lot of one hitters over time in various shapes and sizes which held various amounts of Cannabis. This little fellow has a minibowl that is specifically designed to hold 50mg of Medicine. That’s roughly 20 rounds per gram, not bad… And it makes it measurable. This is great for the first time consumer/patient. Easy to use, light weight, really convenient, and simple to clean. The One Hit One Da is offered in various dispensaries and smoke shops throughout the country and can be purchased online through their website for about $30.00.

Click here to check out their site.