A glimpse of a potential future.


I have seen a version of the future…

I recently attended a private event where all in attendance were medical cannabis card holders. I know what you’re thinking… Reggae band playing on some mediocre sound system with people sitting around melting their faces off and staring into space while cute girls with dreads sell braided hemp bracelets. Negative Ghost Rider.

4 star setting hands down. Lounge with dining and outdoor fireplace all under stalactite lighting and eloquent music. Also, with valet parking and coat check. Shirts, ties, and cute little cocktail dresses… That was the scene. The presentation was closer to an opening at an art gallery then any cannabis related event I’ve ever attended. And the food was OUTSTANDING. Did I mention every course of the meal was infused?

The cuisine began with a round of fingerling yellow and blue dill potato salad, which was fantastic. Next came a pesto spinach tortellini, which was excellent. Then after a palette cleanser came the braised short rib with carrot and turnip mash (I think it was turnips… either way it was still really good). Then out came the finale of desserts! First came a mini ice cream cone with mango and white chocolate goodness, ending with infused vanilla ice cream with fresh fruit, syrup and chocolate crunchies. There were small breaks between each course with a dab bar, along with a regular bar, both with multiple options to choose from.

AMAZING evening. 5 star fun. And there was even a raffle where more then 1/2 the guests received prizes. There was lots of excitement when there was a winner of the raffle. Our table was full of prize winners and lots of smiling faces!

It all just added a new dimension to a dream I already had. This is the way it should just be. If only this were a norm…. If only all the old thinking were to go away. This could be what some people do on a Friday night each week. Good place, good people and good times.

Quick note: I don’t want you to think I’m the 8 year old seeing boobs for the first time. I realize that there are lounges in places like RI and CA, along with bus rides in CO and bars that are accommodating establishments. So, the “Lounge” format exists, however it is nowhere near mainstream.


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