Tangerine Haze Review


Boy, I just have to tell you… This one has more tangerines than Tropicana!  It’s like a little self contained universe of citrusy tropical goodness.

These flowers look absolutely stunning. Really kind looking greens along with overpowering bright incendiary looking hairs. I took one of the flowers and held it up to take a good look at it in the sunlight. With all the crystals wrapped around those bright orange hairs, it almost looked like a little fireball that had frozen over. Weird.  Cool… But weird.

So,  I took my little frozen fireball and smashed it between two fingers. I thought it would’ve exploded, but it stuck to my thumb like a tangerine booger. Now… I ask you this. Have you ever found yourself doing battle with an inanimate object and found yourself to be losing? It was stuck to my fingers, the pieces I pulled apart seemed to stick themselves back together, and my nostrils were permeated with tangerines. I know… Sounds awful. However, despite the trouble I managed to get a paper around it.

I did an air flow check on it before combustion. Those sweet citrusy terpenes were singing my song. Ignition. On the initial intake, the flavors were very sweet and piney/chemy and turned into sweet citrus on the exhaust. VERY, Very, very tasty. It was good until the last drop, literally.

This is a “Feel Good” flower. Excellent Sativa! Very uplifting and euphoric at the same time. No sluggishness at all, almost energetic. This is an excellent flower for daytime usage. Thumbs Up!

aka Sativarin A

Producer: Advanced Grow Labs

Strain Sativa
THC 0.63%
THCA 22.13%
Total THC 22.76%
CBD <0.1%
CBDA <0.1%
Total CBD <0.1%
Alpha Pinene 0.09%
Beta Pinene 0.19%
Beta Myrcene 0.10%
Limonene 0.96%
Ocimene <0.01%
Linalool 0.19%
Beta Caryophyllene 0.44%
Humulene 0.16%


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