Once upon a Blue Dream…


I know you… I walked with you once upon a… Um… Blue Dream? Definitely not the story of Sleeping Beauty. Not sleepy at all really.  But let’s rewind here.

I heard their was some Blue Dream out in the market place, so i just had to get my digits around some of these flowers. Back in the day, this was the ‘special’ one that only came around every once in a while… And would be gone as fast as it had arrived.  So, I have to admit I was a little excited.

Out of the package this flower looked absolutely amazing. Crystals for miles here… Really. A sweet and pungent nose came from the container and all the memories of joy had returned to me. I was eager to get into this. Since it was a trip down memory lane of sorts, I grabbed my old school piece of glass and got myself a wooden match and rocked it out Sherlock Holmes style.

Really nice flavor, I have to admit. It was Berry Piney, for lack of a better term. Not suprising though… There were high levels of alpha pinene in this flower. In the end, the flower had left me feeling very happy and relaxed. Very heady feeling and very uplifting., not lethargic at all.  And interestingly enough, some of my normal aches (yah, I’m getting old) weren’t present for the remainder of the evening.

On a personal note… A few people I know that have fibromyalgia have claimed that this is their go to during flare ups. It kind of makes sense though… The Alpha Pinene opens up those broncials and reduces inflamation. This might be one I have to keep in a drawer inside of a humidor for one of those achy days to come. Maybe grab an extra 8th or 2 just to keep it on the back burner.

Strain Type: Hybrid

THC 0.27%
THCA 18.87%
Total THC 19.14%
Total CBD 0.00%

Alpha Pinene 0.28%
Beta Pinene 0.13%
Beta Myrcene 0.06%
Beta Caryophyllene 0.66%
Humulene 0.29%

Aka: Blue
Producer: Curaleaf

Aka Blue from the producer Curaleaf