Attack on CBD! Wait… What?

These Tennessee knuckleheads (and a few others) think CBD gets you high.

Recently, a Rutherford County judge in TN ordered 23 stores to be padlocked for selling candy laced with CBD(Cannabidiol). TN officials think CBD gets you high… Even brought in DEA. Huh?  Wow… Regardless of that misinformation, CBD is considered a scheduled six controlled substance in TN. The comparison places CBD in the same category as blood pressure medications, antidepressants, and antibiotics. Pretty much everything that isn’t addictive, but you still need a prescription for.  So, patients just need to get into the local medical cannabis program, right? The funny thing is (it’s not funny at all really), there is no current active program.

TN also has a law on the books that basically says if one has intractable seizures, one could qualify for Cannabis oil containing no more than nine-tenths of one percent or less of THC. Ok… Where do I get it? You can’t. There are no state licensed dispensaries. Ok then, what about home grow? Nope. Well, can I get a caregiver? Nope. Wait! How about some sort of reciprocity? Nope. Yet, the state has a hemp industry. ?!?!

Is this a case of the good-ole-boys making an example? Are they concerned about consumers? Are they really looking to regulate the system? Or is this just another round of the blame game so we can make examples out of the little guy while giants like Amazon continue to be an outlet for these types of hemp related products. What? You don’t believe me? Click here.