Med. Marijuana sales to begin in Pennsylvania



Pennsylvania is breaking new ground with the development of their medical marijuana laws and launch of local dispensaries.

Founded in 2014 Franklin Bioscience is set to open the first Pennsylvania medical marijuana dispensary later this month in South Eastern Bucks County Pennsylvania, “Beyond Hello” in Bristol County.

The Rothman institute at Jefferson, arguably one of the largest orthopedic practices in the US, also announced last week that they will be partnering with the Colorado based Franklin BioScience in collaboration to investigate the benefits of medical cannabis treatments.

The companies will study and treat cannabis patients who suffer from chronic pain. Rothman Institute’s goal is to dial in on the relation between the use of cannabis, and the decrease of overdoses and harm reduction.

Franklin Bioscience plans to produce all their own medicine on site to control the single-source production process from start to finish. This is to ensure quality control for all their products that will be available to patients such as infusions and selective varieties of cultivated cannabis. Franklin BioScience strives to innovate through research and development, while maintaining consistency in their testing methodologies and growing practices.

-2018 Bobby Nuggz, Releaf Media


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